2020 April

How often is the male the victim in domestic violence cases – and how concerned should we be?

For men in an abusive relationship, it is important to understand that they are not alone. Men are abused at an exceedingly high rate. It is the same story in heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

Irrespective of the culture from which a man belongs, he is abused. Male abuse rates stay more or less the same. A few of the people find it hard to believe that one in three victims of domestic violence is men.

Another related trend is that men frequently refrain from reporting the incidents. They are embarrassed and feel that people may choose to not believe them. In some cases, men do not report the cases because they feel that their partner will take revenge over them.

Hence, when one comes across a case of domestic violence against men, one should heed to the matter with the utmost sensitivity. One should take care that one does not take the situation lightly. This is a commonplace occurrence. It is just that the awareness about such incidents is more towards the lower side.

Instead, people believe that victims of domestic violence are always women. This is far from reality. Men are equally vulnerable. Their cases should also be heard and understood with the same degree of sensitivity.

Men are victimized in different ways

The ways in which men are victimized include being hit, kicked, and punched, spat at, things being thrown at the individual, or harming one’s possessions.

Sometimes, the attacker attempts to nullify the difference in strength. He or she may attack a man while he is asleep. There are cases wherein guns and knives are used. At times, the attacker threatens to harm the victim’s loved ones.

Men are affected by not just physical violence. Emotional and verbal abuses affect their psyche as well. It is only right for a third party to make sure that cases of violence against men are not taken lightly.

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