Women as the perpetrators of domestic violence: a real problem to be considered?

Men make up as much as 40% of victims of domestic violence. They are the victims of 40% assaults, which are conducted by women.

Men have a tougher deal as compared to women for finding support for their condition. Even the police tend to ignore them. When injured by assaults, women have refuges to go to. There are no such refuges for men.

We must recognize that men too are as vulnerable as women for being victims of domestic violence. Percentage of men victimized by domestic violence frequently stays close to 40% of domestic violence victims each year. The percentage characteristically varies by up to 3% around the median value, for yearly data, year after year.

If we take more serious injuries into consideration, the number of men who are victimized is higher. Over 48% of domestic violence victims who were seriously injured in assaults were men for the year 2006-07.

Going by a 2008-09 bulletin, 28% of women and 16% of men are victimized by domestic violence following the age of 16.

Plight of men needs to be looked into in this regard. They are not considered to be vulnerable, their cases are not given due attention and they are treated as though they are second-class victims.

Moreover, men are more reluctant to narrate the incidents. Police is unlikely to go by a man’s story and take his side.

Even the media does not give them the requisite degree of attention. Upon being victimized by domestic violence, they may not have a place to go as the numbers of refuges for men are negligible, as compared to those for women.

The tricky part is that we can never be sure of the numbers of victims, as men are reluctant to report cases. Being abused by women comes by as a sign of weakness, whereas men are associated with chivalry and machismo. This puts pressure over men to pretend that things are okay, when they are not.

Story for each victim for domestic violence must be seen as a unique use-case, and treated accordingly. It is sad that men are not considered victims of domestic violence, even when they may actually be so. A nose job Australia gives your features a new lease of life, recreates youth and invites compliments.

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