Power and Money: How domestic abusers use money to control their victims

As a kid, you used to be granted an allowance. But getting an allowance from your partner as an adult could be odd in some cases. The latter may not always induce joy and excitement. Alternately, it may involve feelings such as frustration and confinement. One may even become resentful.

There are cases wherein a domestic abuser uses money in order to control the victims. They provide sufficient to source necessities in some cases. In other cases, they don’t. There are even times when a partner may check receipts in order to figure out the debits.

In relationships, money generally comes by as a stressful factor. It becomes even more prominent in case the bills need to be paid, or when one begins to save for the future. Money could then be a source of conflict.

If we consider healthy relationships, each of the partners have requisite say in decision making. This encompasses money matters as well.

In any relationship wherein physical or emotional abuse is involved to any extent, an abusive partner is likely to extend his control over to finances. This initiates at a basic level, wherein one partners suggests what the other can or cannot buy. It may alternately be more serious, wherein an abuser restricts his partner’s access to bank accounts. Another format of financial abuse is confiscation or joint tax returns.

Similarly, it is not right to forbid a partner from working, or limiting the number of hours of work. A form of financial abuse is to use a partner’s credit card without permission and not paying credit bills. A partner must also not take money from children’s savings account without his/her partner’s permission.

Living at a partner’s residence but refusing to work or make any contribution to the household is also a financial abuse. Another format is denial to give medication, gas, clothing, food or money. Financial abuse in each form must be countered in an enlightened way.

Figuring out an independent future is difficult in the event wherein an abusive partner controls the finances. But one must not be denied access to the money one earns.

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