5 Signs you are in an abusive relationship

It is difficult to identify when one is in an abusive relationship. People have a clear image in their minds of what domestic violence is. Mentally and emotionally abusive relationships are hence difficult to identify.

Characteristically, one must trust one’s intuition over the matter. But never underestimate the degree of emotional abuse that you are subject to. Let us take a look at the 5 signs of abusive relationships:

  1. Justifying your partner all the time

Do you find yourself spending a whole lot of time justifying your partner’s behavior before others? Do you tell things are not as bad as they seem? Are you subject to misconduct every now and then? Do you have to exaggerate over your partner’s qualities for a better understanding? This implies that your relationship is abusive.

  • A moody partner

Do you frequently walk on eggshells? Is your partner moody? Is it your fault all the time? Does overstepping a mark provoke your partner? If you iteratively get things wrong, your relationship is in troubled waters. This is because in a relationship, we all deserve appreciation.

  • Never on priority

Is your life on hold? Do you attempt to please your partner all the time? This makes your partner’s feelings more important than your own. Do you never have the priority? You may have a problem at hand.

  • Over-dependence upon the partner

Does your partner highlight your inadequacies iteratively? Incessantly transmission of ideas turns them into a belief. Then, people start disliking themselves, which is not good. Don’t rely on your relationship.

  • Do you no longer dream

Are you no longer the woman you once used to be? Have you quit laughing? Do you avoid friends to avoid an in-depth overview into the situation? Does it lead to anxiety? Have you come down to substance abuse? Depressed at all times, or drained and empty? A woman must never stop dreaming.

These five signs are indicative of an abusive relationship. They leave a mark over the emotional health. A life must necessarily be joyful and you should get help by speaking to someone.

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